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Sex toys for women – Where should I even begin!

Female masturbation conversation has come a long way and undergone an amazing alternation in the past decade. Historically it was assumed that females had low sex drives, low libido and therefore little reason to have sex toys that were specifically designed for female pleasure.

Consider this, 19th century the vibrator was being designed and marketed as a medical instrument for pain relief and the treatment of various ailments (which by the way was used to treat female hysteria… ummm what?!).

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Casual Toys supports Podcast-A-Palooza!

PCAP is coming!  Are you ready?

We're supporting some of the coolest names in the lifestyle podcasting scene when they come to Miami, Florida in May 2020! 

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That's right!  Join our mailing list (at the bottom of this page!) and you'll get a coupon code for 20% off your first order!  You can't beat that with a...vibrator?

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Welcome to Casual Toys!   Thank you for visiting and shopping with Casual Toys. It’s our goal to provide you with not only the best online shopping experience, high quality toys at reasonable prices, but also a resource for discussions and reviews on the products we sell. There are literally tons of places you can buy adult novelties on the internet, not the least of which are the "big guys" on the web.  Casual Toys aims to do it differently, with style and humor, from folks you can trust who are hell-bent on the customer experience.  That's why you won't see...

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