ROMP - By WoW Tech

Sexual satisfaction comes in all shapes and sizes, and Romp embraces every single one of them. By making sex toys available to everyone, Romp is helping people explore their curiosity with confidence. Romp products are carefully designed to meet the highest standards, all while retaining a fun, fresh vibe. Add color to sex with nine new SKUs from Romp, including Shine, Switch, Free, Jazz, Hype, Flip, Beat, Juke, and Wave.

Three of Romp’s new products—the Shine, Switch and Free—use Wow Tech’s trademarked Pleasure Air Technology. Pleasure Air Technology is a unique innovation that has revolutionized the orgasm experience. This game-changing technology employs a choreographed interplay of suction and massage, while gentle shifts in air pressure stimulate the clitoris without direct contact—taking pleasure to new heights.

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