Amplify Your Revenue

Casual Creators is our love letter to the adult content creator community. This "wishlist" program not only lets you get the stuff you crave, but you make 5% back on the items YOUR fans buy you! 

It's as easy as signing up for the program and putting Casual Toys in your LinkTrees, pages, and social media posts for your fans to start buying you the toys, lube, lingerie, and more that you can use to connect closer with your fans & create more content!

Even's FREE!

Why USE CASUAL TOYS for your Wishlists?


Can you get goodies from your fans and still maintain your privacy?  ABSOLUTELY!

Casual Toys makes it easy for you to get awesome new stuff to make new content with from your fans and still protect your personal data.  Watch the video below to find out more!


Casual Toys has an utterly MASSIVE selection of toys (no pun intended?), lingerie, accessories, and shapewear for you to incorporate into your next generation of content.  The only limit on what you can achieve is your own creativity!

Make More Money

Casual Toys makes you money!  Say whaaaat?

Earn 5% back on the gifts YOUR fans buy you...easy as that!  When you get new items you'll earn 5% of the value (before shipping) back once a quarter. No strings attached!

And again, it's FREE to you!