Mesh Tank Top

Mesh tank top with leather cross trimmed in nail heads.

Shown with L9285.

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A sexy way to go sleeveless

My opening disclaimer: I don't usually wear men's lingerie. I feel like I look silly (though let's be honest, I'm not wearing this because of what I think I look like). My wife isn't a fan of most of it (she'd rather me in firefighter uniform or in jean, no-sleeve shirt, and a tool belt). Wife beaters and my sleeveless "muscle shirts" were my go-to "this is closest any of my tops come to being sexy" top. As noted: my wife likes me sleeve-less.

I had joked in the past about getting black mesh top so I could look like a singer in Das Sound Machine (the German acapella group from Pitch Perfect 2; highly recommend that movie if you haven't seen), and she scoffed at the idea.

Well...scoff might be too harsh, but she indicated that she didn't think it would do much for her.

But I decided to give this a try and boy did she like it! It's got more sex appeal than my everyday sleeveless tops, and just putting on something that's specifically sex wear sends a message when you wear it boldly into a room.

I did not get matching shorts. Instead, I got the pot leaf micro mesh pants (I figured they would match and I get the splash of color and solidly on-brand pot leaf) and the leather shorts with the break away front (, figuring the buttons went along with the studs and I would have the functionality of the tear away front, and those were a HUGE hit with my wife.

Sizing was good, though I wish it was a bit longer.