Letters to Penthouse XXIII


They won't tell their shrink. They won't tell their priest. They won't tell their best friend. But they're ready to tell you. Get ready to hear the most sizzling secrets of wives and strangers, lovers and sinners, as they get naked in the hospital or at the office, succumb to seductive in-laws or cute cops, experiment with illicit trysts or the swinger's life. Straight from the pages of America's hottest forum on all things sexual, these tell-all tales are sometimes tawdry, definitely torrid, and always absolutely true. Guaranteed to make your heart pump faster and take your breath away, these confessions are good for the soul and even better for your libido. The Chapter Titles in Letters to Penthouse XXIII: The Perfect Pose, Four Girls No Waiting, Emergency Sex Patrol, A New Wildlife Species, The Sex Consultant, The Box, Racquetball Roulette, Condo Carnality, The Super Sexy Superintendent, You've Got Male, Changing Her Luck, Educating Eric, Opportunity Knocks, No More Mr. Nice Guy, It's A Wonderful Wife, Passing Love On, Kiss Me, Cure Me, Paradise Gained, Policeman's Bail, The Lust, April in Wonderland, April Goes Deeper, Really Big Brother, Breaking In The Horse, Tammy's New Titties, and On Company Time.