Letters to Penthouse XXXIII


Your customers are about to enjoy the most sizzling sensation known to woman or man - the thrill of the hunt. Whether they're the smitten stalker or the willing prey, no experience compares to the climactic moment of sweet, sensual capture. Maybe it's the gorgeous neighbor who needs help with a "package"; the bartending hottie who takes you home for a scorching after-hours nightcap; the handsome boss who keeps you late to take dictation. From Penthouse readers just like you, here are true and exciting tales of sexy pursuit and erotic entrapment. Their titillating chases will leave you lusting for more.

These paper backs are some of our very best sellers! Each book has a collection of MANY different short erotic stories. The stories can range from just a couple paragraphs to a few pages and cover multitude of subjects. Appealing to either men or women, these books are great to read as erotica, discover new ideas for fantasies, read to each other on a road trip, etc! The other thing that is good about books with such a wide variety of stories is that there is something for everyone (if there is more than one person reading or listening!), and these might be great idea for that shy customer who wouldn t want to be seen buying a book about a specific taboo subject - so having it as one of the chapters in this collection makes buying it a bit more inconspicuous!