Neva Nude Funfetti Multicolor Gold Flip Sequin Naughty Knix w- Nipztix Pasties

Look like a delicious explosion of awesomness in these Rainbow to Gold Flip Sequin Nipztix. YUMMY! P.S. Have fun stormin’ da castle. ?About Naughty Knix: Perfect for the Naughtiest of Non-muggles, these MAGIC Flip-Sequin Dual Tone Matching Knix and Nipztix sets will have everyone thinking, Accio Sexiness! These spellbinding Magic Sequin G-String Thongs with Matching Magic Sequin Starry Nights Nipztix are super sexy and fun for you and your partner to play with. Each panty is made with a nylon thin waistband and a magic flip sequin self. Moving your hand over the sequins flips them so that the bottom color of the sequin is displayed. No spells necessary, but magic wands are optional ;)