Unique "SecureFit" Condom - Snug/Slender Fit

$7.99 $8.99

Experience more pleasure and higher sensitivity with Unique SecureFit for narrower/regular size men who may enjoy a snugger fit. Unique condoms are vegan friendly and odorless. They are 3 times stronger and three times thinner than latex condoms.

  • For guys that like a tighter fit or for guys who are a little more slender down there.  This is the smaller of the Unique line.  If you'd like something a little wider & longer consider:
  • Includes: 3 lubricated latex-free condoms in a credit card sized package.

  • Length: 6.29 inches

  • Width: 1.96 inches

  • Thickness: 0.015 mm

  • Polyethylene construction means they'll work with oil based lubricants, no problem!
  • Unique packaging fits in your wallet without leaving a tell-tale circle!
  • Sizing: For regular to large sized men.

  • Skirted base decreases skin to skin contact, enhancing safety