Oxballs Morph Ball Stretcher - Black

When you're ready to take your ball-stretching to new lengths, MORPH will be your non-stop trainer. Designed for a hardcore tug, this curved silicone pipeline gives you a full 3 inches of sack extension. A textured geometric design allows you to grip it and put it on easilly - even with slippery hands. Each end of MORPH is tipped with a blubbery rim that gently rests on your sack and pushes your balls down for an all day stretch. Sack stretching can be a lengthy process, which is why we use Pure Platinum grade silicone to make our stretchers. It's the closest thing to flesh out there and it won't irritate your skin even after hours and hours of use. MORPH Stats: Height: 3 Inches Ouside Circumference: 5.25 Inches Inside Circumference: 3 Inches (stretches to fit)